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Want to Know How AI Is Transforming the Media Industry? Just Ask Our Chatbot

When it comes to artificial intelligence, digital media professionals sometimes have a habit of mistaking technological progress for an existential threat to their livelihood.

In a recent survey of 400 marketing and advertising executives, we found that a full 14 percent described themselves as “most concerned” that they would one day lose their job to AI technology. While these results are a far cry from industry-wide panic, there’s no doubt that many members of the digital ecosystem view AI with suspicion.

In actuality, media professionals have very little to worry about. According to a recent McKinsey report, just 5 percent of jobs are fully automatable. In digital media, the vast majority of automation will be concentrated on rote tasks like creative asset tagging and data reporting. Rather than putting us humans out of a job, AI is transforming our lives for the better by giving us more time to focus on the creative and strategic tasks we actually enjoy.

Don’t believe us? Just ask our brand new GumGum chatbot.

Whether you’re a UX designer or a media buyer, a creative director or a campaign strategist, our chatbot is capable of holding a full conversation about what you can expect from the AI revolution. In a few short minutes, you’ll have all the information you need to understand how AI is changing your media job and what skills you’ll need to capitalize on the coming wave of innovation.

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