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Introducing the Latest AI Tech Toy Sensation: Doggo 2.0

Santa Monica, CA – We’re excited to share with you a little something we’ve been cooking up at HQ! It’s the latest tech toy sensation to hit the market, Doggo 2.0. These little AI android dogs are already sold out on pre-orders due to unbelievable demand. And we wanted to demonstrate to you why everyone is raving about this new gadget.
First and foremost, it’s because Doggo 2.0 uses Computer Vision to learn how to understand and categorize the various objects it encounters. That’s right, the intrepid little robot mutt can recognize people’s faces, brand logos and even understands the context of the words it reads. Unreal, right?! Doggo 2.0—a collaboration between GumGum and C_C Robotnikx—boasts some unbelievable features, such as downloadable face designs, a Tru-Colors Touchscreen interface, 360° four-wheel-drive motion sensors and more than 999 built-in emotions. But what can this robot canine companion actually do? Well, Doggo 2.0 can do a surprising number of things, including playing fetch, reading bedtime stories to the kids, joining you on a morning jog and even yoga (Doggo’s downwards-facing dog is great—natch). But most impressive of all is how Doggo uses Computer Vision to learn and develop understanding. This is a true innovation and an industry first! Check out C_C Robotnikx’s insane promo video for Doggo 2.0!


The product is perfect for both kids and adults. We like to think of it as “the best AI companion money can’t buy”—and with the first range already sold out on pre-orders that’s pretty much true. We are excited that Doggo 2.0 looks set to be the must-have tech toy of 2018!

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