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Looks Matter


Tinder’s face-based swapping functionality has always veered the dating app towards the visual, making looks matter more than we’d like to think. Sure, there’s space for a brief text bio, but users are increasingly leaving that blank, according to Tom Jacques. Tinder’s VP of Engineering was speaking at the AWS re:invent conference in Las Vegas, where users of Amazon’s off-the-shelf computer vision service AWS Rekognition were gathered. Tinder uses Amazon’s APIs to automatically tag the images its users upload into dating typespictures of someone playing a guitar will label them as ‘creative,’ while someone with a backpack and hiking shoes will be labeled as ‘outdoorsy.’ These images of outward appearances are then fed back into the various other dating models, adding an element to the matching process. The takeaway? Unless you like being judged primarily by outward appearances, it would behoove you to fill-in that bio in the future, too.

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