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This Deeply Visual Deep Learning Music Video Will Blow Your Mind


Ever since Google Deep Dream Generator debuted in 2015, the Internet has been awash in creepy, beautiful and surreal Hieronymus Bosch-meets-Van-Gogh-meets-Salvador-Dali imagery featuring dog faces, world-famous landmarks and psychedelic patterns. Generated by neural networks that essentially draw onto existing imagery, the technology has also been fodder for videographers, who have weaved the computer-generated art into everything from literary adaptations to music video mashups. The latest example, “Jean-Pierre,” by Monaco-based, multi-genre experimental band Hardcore Anal Hydrogen, is a stunning mix of mind-blowing machine-generated aesthetics that starts off punk and ends up more ambient electronic, with aggressive and sometimes scary imagery that morphs into an over-the-top, hallucinatory barrage of in-your-face, Deep Dream-generated visuals. Repeated viewings are impossible to resist.

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