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If you’re like most people, you sometimes forget the names of people—even those you know—which leads to awkward moments. Lucky for you, putting a face to a name just got easier with the OrCam MyMe, a tiny 13-megapixel camera that clips onto your shirt pocket or collar and automatically takes a picture of everyone you meet or talk to, lifelogger-style. Paired with the MyMe app on your smartphone, it then uses facial recognition to match that picture with your social media contacts, sending you a smartphone or smartwatch notification with their name, contact information, and the last time you saw them. If it’s someone you just met, the MyMe can scan their business card—it reads text, too—and match it up with the face pic for future reference. Using the MyMe smartphone app, you can tag contacts by family, work, friends, and so on. Over time, the app quantifies your social behavior, letting you know who and how often you’re seeing people in these various groups, along with the inverse—how much time you’re spending in front of a computer screen, not talking to people. In addition to helping you keep track of contacts, the aim of MyMe is to encourage you to develop a better work-life balance, as well as to help those who suffer from dementia. OrCam says all the picture data, even that cross-referenced with social media, stays local in the device or on your phone and isn’t uploaded to the cloud, even for training purposes, but considering the trepidation around facial recognition these days, it’s hard to imagine most people being okay with having their picture taken every time you talk with them. All that said, at least it’s encouraging you to see more people IRL.
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