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New Documentary Looks at the "Promises and Perils" of AI


Keeping in the tradition of making movies with questions for titles, Who Killed the Electric Car? director Chris Paine just released a new film: Do You Trust This Computer? “The inspiration for the documentary began about three years ago when I plugged my phone into my laptop and first saw the question, ‘Do you trust this computer?’ In spite of my enthusiasm for tech, I realized my answer was actually no,” said Paine in a press release for the film, which looks at the potential good and bad around AI, and features an impressive list of interviewees, including Andrew Ng (Google Brain cofounder), Hiroshi Ishiguru (Osaka University), Shivon Zillis (OpenAI), Jonathan Nolan (Westworld co-creator), Ray Kurzweil (futurist and cofounder of Singularity University) and Elon Musk (who tweeted his endorsement of the film just after its release). The film is in theaters now and also available to stream online.

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