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Lil Miquela More Popular Than Ever, But Don’t Call Her "AI"


Despite getting outed as the product of cryptic Los Angeles-based startup Brud last month, digital avatar Instagram influencer Lil Miquela continues to fascinate and gain followers in today’s filtered and fake social media mix. And finally, articles about her aren’t calling her an "AI" influencer. Other than some hyperrealistic CGI and (presumably) human-curated responses, there doesn’t seem to be anything AI about her, other than Brud identifying as a robotics and AI company on its website. It’s possible that, say, computer vision-intelligence of virally resonant Instagram imagery is being applied to the posts for optimum performance, or that the posts are auto-generated, chatbot-style, or maybe that this technology might soon be applied to video (a much harder lift). For now, though, it just looks like some smooth CGI and Photoshopping, which would be a pretty clever marketing strategy for some actual AI robotics product in the future.

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