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Lyme-disease bearing ticks are now found in all 50 states, with varying location-based degrees of likelihood that people will get bitten by them. In many parts of the US, such as the Northeast, just walking on your lawn raises the risk of getting a tick bite. Now an uncle and nephew team in Maine, where the scourge of ticks is everywhere, have developed an iOS app that uses image recognition to detect what kind of tick you may have spotted (ideally not on your person). Just take a picture of said insect, and ‘What’s My Tick’ will list out images of what species it recognizes. The IDs aren’t always spot on--ticks look different depending on how engorged with blood they are, and frantic bite victims might not hold their cameraphones steadily enough for a clear image—but accoding to Portland's WGME, the app’s creators will continue to update as more and more tick pictures improve their model’s training. With no other tick detection app out there, it’s our best hope.
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