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Pixel This

Google’s new flagship Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL phones are out this week. No surprise, they’re chock full of new computer vision-powered features and upgrades for fun and productivity. Introduced as an integrated camera feature in the Pixel 3’s predecessor last year, Lens in the Pixel 3 has some new handy enhancements, including Lens Suggestions, which lets users dial phone numbers, send emails, open up addresses in Maps, or go to websites just by clicking on them in live video and pictures. Also in camera: Playground, a more robust version of Google’s AR stickers that let you place animated Marvel characters, cartoon food, and moving objects into videos, pictures, selfies, or the live action in front of you. Computer vision also analyzes the scene and recommends appropriate stickers accordingly. The classic snapshot is improved, too, with a few new modes including “Night Sight,” which does an extraordinary job of brightening and clearing up low light photos, even up against the newest iPhones.
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