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Even Ferris Bueller Can't Avoid This Face Recognition System


Not a day goes by when some new use for facial recognition pops up in China. The latest will have boring teachers and distracted or moody students contending with AI. The Hangzhou Number 11 High School in eastern Zhejiang has installed a facial recognition system that scans students every 30 seconds to see if they're paying attention in class or if they're exhibiting moods from sad and happy to afraid and angry. Teachers, meanwhile, can use the information to not only analyze their classroom style in terms of keeping specific students engaged, but also to know when a pupil might be sick or distressed in some other way. The program has raised privacy concerns, even in China, but it's not too hard to see how this kind of technology might make its way into live performance venues for market research or even corporate presentations for employee evaluation and feedback. Regardless, it should at least eliminate the need for teachers to interject "Anyone, anyone?" every other sentence of their lectures.

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