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Having a pool is nice, but it doesn’t always come with a lifeguard, which makes the backyard luxury a risk for kids who are unmonitored, even for just a few seconds. Now Israeli startup Coral Drowning Detection Systems has developed a computer vision-enabled underwater video camera that sends out a smartphone alert if it spots a potential accident. The Coral Manta was trained on thousands of adult and child drowning scenarios in different types of pools, but its main task comes with special challenges. As company cofounder Dr. Tamar Avraham told The Jerusalem Post: “In surveillance cameras, the technology assumes that the surroundings don’t move, but the water moves all the time. We had to develop ways to notify the user if the water becomes cloudy, and add other sensors to operate in the dark.” Available now for $2,000, the Manta is designed specifically as an extra safety layer for residential pools and not meant to replace lifeguards, or parental monitoring. As with semi-autonomous cars or collision-avoidance systems, it’s still best to keep your eyes on the proverbial road.
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