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Fashion Model

When he’s not busy developing medical algorithms during his internship at computational immunologist Purvesh Khatri’s lab at Stanford, Robbie Barrat, the same 19-year-old whose code served as the basis for the $432,500 sale of an AI-generated painting last month is pursuing AI-meets-artistic endeavors. His latest project? Teaching a network trained on images of clothing and accessories featured in Balenciaga lookbooks to create original fashions in the same vein as the Spanish luxury design house. As Flaunt reports, the results are a little surreal, and bring up the inevitable debates around authorship, but this teen is a true original whose hobby is truly pushing the creative AI envelope. Or, as Barrat explains on his Twitter feed, where he shares the results of his “fashion model” creations: “Trying to update the fashion neural net with Balenciaga's new summer 19 show made it 100000x creepier....”
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