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Adificial Intelligence


From trippy music videos and auctionable fine art to fanciful chairs and retro computer games, AI has been responsible for some peculiar creative endeavors. In most cases, the claims of AI-authorship have been a bit overblown, as there is always a human collaborator to make sense of the artificially intelligent artistry. Such is the case with Lexus’s ‘Driven by Intuition,’ a digital short currently making the rounds of European televisions, movie theaters, and Web-connected devices. The spot is billed as the world’s first to be entirely scripted by AI and directed by an Oscar-winning director (the latter designation presumably to separate it out from this 2017 Japanese ad that also used AI for its plotline). This time, Lexus partnered with creative agency The&Partnership London, tech startup Visual Voice, and IBM Watson to use AI to analyze text, music, and footage from more than 15 years of Cannes Lion award-winning car ads, while the Unruly video marketplace offered insights on the most effective moments of the same footage. The system then came up with a script, which was fine-tuned and then directed by The Last King of Scotland and Whitney director Kevin MacDonald. We’re not sure the result in either the 30- or 60-second version makes a lot of sense, plot-wise, but it certainly does do a nice, visceral job of demonstrating the 2019 Lexus ES’s collision avoidance system.

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