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The Tribeca Film Festival is taking submissions with ideas on how to use AI in storytelling.  Five finalists will be invited to pitch their ideas before a panel of producers and technologists. We’ve already seen one incomprehensibly surreal sci-fi script written by a neural network, but using computer vision to scout locations or AI to compose soundtracks? Definitely do-able.



Elon Musk reveals more on his new human-machine interface-cum-brain-implant that will let people communicate silently with each other via technology-powered “consensual telepathy,” transmitting, say, pictures to explain complicated concepts rather than words via an “incredibly low data rate called speech or typing.” We don’t have the words….



“We’re making the smartphone camera the first augmented reality platform,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced this week. New tools will enable the creation of in-camera AR features such as selfie masks that adapt to your facial movements, a cool use of computer vision. Interestingly, new AR capabilities were just added to Snapchat. So don’t stop trying to make AR happen. It’s going to happen.



What Do Human Brains and Artificial Machines Have in Common?

What Do Human Brains and Artificial Machines Have in Common?

Neural Networks

No computer science degree? No problem. We've broken down this essential component of machine learning and artificial intelligence into few easy steps.

When Computers Can See: <br>How Visual AI Will Fuel Our Future

When Computers Can See:
How Visual AI Will Fuel Our Future

Computer Vision

From driverless cars and medical scans to security and augmented reality, some of today's most promising technologies have computer vision at their core.

12 Iconic Sports Moments <br> That Made Their Sponsoring Brands Millions

12 Iconic Sports Moments
That Made Their Sponsoring Brands Millions

Visual Web

Big moments in sports live on thanks to broadcast and social media. And for the brands lucky enough to also be in the picture or video, the exposure is just as impactful and long lasting.

How the Web Went Visual

How the Web Went Visual

Computer Vision

How did today's visually-dense repository of cat GIFs and Kardashian selfies get that way? Travel back in time with us to see how the pieces of the puzzle slowly came together.

Four Things Everyone Should Know About
Virtual and Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

How will these growing visual technologies will transform everything from gaming to marketing? We talked with tech guru Robert Scoble to find out.

Interactive visuals

Image recognition

What a Difference a Year Makes

Viral images

What makes an image go viral

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"Instead of focusing solely on better and better algorithms, my insight was to give the algorithms the kind of training data that a child is given through experiences in both quantity and quality."

—Fei Fei Li,Director of Stanford’s Artificial Intelligence Lab and Vision Lab


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"The state-of-the-art in computer vision is rapidly approaching that of human perception, and with a little help from the user, we can close the remaining gap and deliver a surprisingly accurate solution.”

— Serge Belongie, Cornell University