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Comedian Judah Friedlander, who played writer Frank Rossitano on 30 Rock, visits Facebook’s headquarters. Viewers not only get to see the abundance of free food options available on the new Menlo Park campus. But also the comedian going head to head with the company’s dog-greed identifying network. Surprisingly, neither of them does very well, but the machine definitely needs to get a sense of humor about it.



The case is solved: Mystery meat and the ways to cook it will cease to be a challenge now that Pinterest’s Lens feature has added food to its AR image recognition capabilities. Point your phone’s camera at any food, and instantly the service will deliver related recipes, a bottomless pit given Pinterest’s 15 billion food and drink pins.



The camera will not only supplant the keyboard, it’ll replace the touchscreen, especially when voice-based interfaces of the Amazon Alexa variety get better and more ubiquitous. Google’s recent big computer vision and AI announcements around its new Lens feature, which brings up search results or IDs everything from businesses to bird species via smartphone cameras, is just one indication of where human interaction with machines is going. Time to put your best face forward.



The Future Isn’t AI,<br>It’s Already Here

The Future Isn’t AI,
It’s Already Here

How artificial intelligence is running through our everyday lives.

Great Moments in Computer Vision

Great Moments in Computer Vision

The evolution of computer vision today impacts everything from facial recognition technology to driverless cars. Here's how we got to where we are now.

Four Things Everyone Should Know About<br>Virtual and Augmented Reality

Four Things Everyone Should Know About
Virtual and Augmented Reality

Mixed Reality

How will these growing visual technologies will transform everything from gaming to marketing? We talked with tech guru Robert Scoble to find out.

What Do Human Brains and Artificial Machines Have in Common?

What Do Human Brains and Artificial Machines Have in Common?

Neural Networks

No computer science degree? No problem. We've broken down this essential component of machine learning and artificial intelligence into few easy steps.

Will AI Replace Humans (and Other Takeaways From Collision 2017)

Deep Learning

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Image recognition

What a Difference a Year Makes

Viral images

What makes an image go viral

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"Instead of focusing solely on better and better algorithms, my insight was to give the algorithms the kind of training data that a child is given through experiences in both quantity and quality."

—Fei Fei Li,Director of Stanford’s Artificial Intelligence Lab and Vision Lab


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"The state-of-the-art in computer vision is rapidly approaching that of human perception, and with a little help from the user, we can close the remaining gap and deliver a surprisingly accurate solution.”

— Serge Belongie, Cornell University